Races and Events

Making the decision to start a down a path of change can be daunting and scary.  If someone had told me four years ago I would be able to make a list of races and events I participated in, I would have looked them like they had horns growing out from their head….I’m not kidding.  If it hadn’t been for good friends and family members of mine encouraging me to take the leap and believe that I could do it, enter a race, I never would have. At first you might need these positive reinforcements and cheerleaders in your life to push you out of your comfort zone, but then a magical thing will happen and you will become your own cheerleader, driving your own destiny and setting new goals to conquer.

Here is a list of the races and events I’ve challenged myself with over the last four years (alphabetically), with links to their websites… in case you decide to take that leap too.




Angus Glen Ten Miler (16K) – April 2014


CIBC Run for the Cure (5K) – October 2013


Niagara Falls International Half Marathon – October 2015



Night Nation Run (5K) – July 2016




Tom Taylor Trail Ten Miler (16K) – October 2014/September 2015







Toronto Island Longboat Race- 10K, September 2013 (First Running Race EVER!!!)/ 5K, September 2014







Tough Mudder – August 2014/August 2015/September 2016






Warrior Dash – July 2013/July 2014/July 2015/May 2016





Ultimate Fitness Events – Halloween Mayhem – Women’s Figure, Women’s Masters Figure – October 2016


 Uxbridge Run for the Diamond  10K – April 2015