Protein Powders

I have tried dozens of different kinds of protein powders over the past four years, and these are the two I keep coming back to for taste, texture and nutritional content.

Rivalus – Promasil Isolate Decadant Chocolate

Amazing flavour and my absolute favourite protein powder out there. Never grainy, mixes well, agrees with my stomach and digests quickly. Can’t say enough great things about this product, plus its pretty versatile so totally usable in those protein receipes for pancakes, chocolate peanut butter cups, puddings, smoothies…whatever you can think of.






Progressive  – VegEssential all in One

As far as plant based protein powders go, this one is pretty good. Nutrionally stacked, and easy on the stomach for digestion its a good brand with a pretty palatable taste. Plant based protein powders never quite taste as good as the ones made with Whey Protein (Milk), at least not from my experience (however limited), but its good to change it up a bit and on days when I’m crunched for time and need to have more than one shake to replace a meal, I try to use different powders so I’m not using too much Whey.