Jaybird X Wireless Earbuds. CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT

When I first started back at the gym I used the headphones that came with my phone…always a HUGE music fan and a person who needs music to help push them through tough workouts or go that extra kilometre, I invested in a pair of BOSE noise cancelling ear buds, but they weren’t wireless. I used those ones for awhile and then when I got caught on a piece of weight equipment for what felt like the millionth time, I’d had it. I needed wireless earbuds. I looked online for consumer reviews and bought three pairs, “Dr. Dre – Beats” around the ears wireless buds, Monster Sport wireless earbuds and JayBird X wireless earbuds. I used them all and they ranged in price from $79 to $299 (that was a few years ago). After trying out all three I kept the Jaybirds for the sound quality and comfort. I could sweat a ton in them and they didn’t move, the sound quality was amazing even when running outside with wind etc., the charge lasted super long, they were easy to use and they looked good. I loved them so much I upgraded to a the Jaybirds X2 (cause you always need a charged back up pair just in case!) I have used them everywhere and I honestly cannot say enough great things about them.