So I realized that in order for me to keep motivated to work out and to continue seeing results I needed to keep moving the goalposts. In April 2013, I thought to myself, there must be more I can do to help this weight come off faster. My good friend Tracy was a “runner” and had completed a ton of races and she encouraged me to give running a try, in fact she warned me I would fall in love with it and it might help my body to shed the extra pounds. Really? LOVE??? whatever…I remember hating OAC gym because we had to complete a 7 minute running test and I remember practicing going around our high school track and hating EVERY friggin MINUTE! So off I went around my block, whatever it was going to take to drop the pounds….but instead of hating it, I was shocked, not only did I manage not to be completely gasping for air, I actually wanted to go further. That is how my love affair with running began, around the block turned into 3 K, which turned into 5 K, then 7K, then 10 K then onto a 1/2 Marathon. To this day, running provides a kind of therapy to me, and if you told me back then while I was suffering running around my high school track that one day I would crave running like air, I would have never believed it, not in a million years…..but its true. So running and lifting weights were my initial go to’s, along with BODY FLOW® classes , SH’BAM™ classes, and eating clean. That is it folks, that is how I was able to lose almost 60 pounds (and a TON of inches) in the first 6 months. No magic pill, no magic exercise, no magic food….eat clean, eat smart, move often and be consistent – combined with some grit, tenacity and persistence…..THAT IS the magic recipe.










Without even realizing it I had changed my life. Losing weight had been the goal….finding myself, the girl I had lost along the way had been the final outcome. For the first time in a long time, I was excited to see what the future would bring, and I was excited to see how far I could take my fitness level.