My family has been so supportive. My husband has encouraged me to go after my dreams and make fitness and wellness a priority in my/our lives. My kids think its pretty cool mom does all these activities and since my oldest son plays ‘AAA’ hockey, we train and run together so it’s given us something to bond over. Living healthy and making good food choices is so important for me to teach all my kids – be strong and fit, not skinny…skinny doesn’t mean healthy.

There is a time to enjoy treats, but mostly we should make food choices that will fuel us and give us energy. Healthy mommy + healthy wife = happy life.







It’s been fun to share my journey with my parents and extended family as well. It takes a village and there are many challenges and goals I could not have accomplished without their support.










My girls….They have loved me and grown with me through good times and bad, through jobs, through getting married, through kids and through the journey I started four years ago. I have learned so much from them and when a new “Trish” emerged it was like we all had come to the realization that we needed to get excited about life again and do the things we love the most. I have travelled with them, I have had long coffee talks with them and I have danced until the wee hours of the morning with them like we were the only people in the place (and sometimes we are…..xoxo).








My childhood crew….who after almost 30 years of friendship have seen me through it all. Their support and understanding has meant so much, after all they knew me when I was a kid, when I was running around that track (hating every minute of it). Its been so much fun doing obstacle races with a couple of them (it’s fun keeping up with/beating the boys!!!) and sharing experiences with our families and each other. Here’s to another 30 years!!