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Its crazy to think its been almost four years to the date when I made the decision to start living the life I wanted and deserved, not the life trap I had fallen into of taking care of everyone else and forgetting about who I was as an actual person, not only as mom and wife. I was wiped, everyday felt like a chore, I had lost myself somewhere along the way between becoming a wife and a mother, I had forgotten about Trish, the things I loved, the hopes and dreams I had…the person I had wanted to become.

Life has a way of doing that, you can get so caught up managing the day to day circus of kids, home, spouse etc. that making really big life changes seems impossible. It wasn’t until my health started to falter that I knew something had to be done. In January 2013, I had constant numbness and tingling around the crown of my head and forehead, I was always fatigued, my hormones were completely out of whack and the wonderful 70+ pounds of pre/post baby weight x3 was not only weighing me down literally it was eating away at my soul. Sounds dramatic, but in reality I could not stand to be in my skin for a second longer. I knew things couldn’t stay the same.

After running through a gauntlet of CAT scans, bloodwork, and hormone testing, everything came back normal. I’m ashamed to admit I was almost disappointed to find out that medically nothing was wrong with me. My doctor and I boiled it down to lifestyle. No, I wasn’t eating a dozen cupcakes at a time, or Big Macs in the drive through, but I was eating more than necessary for my body, maybe too many processed snacks that were supposed to be “healthy”, too much sugar (especially sugar substitutes), and not really getting the right amount of exercise (leisurely walks with kids and strollers didn’t count).

Now this was by no means my first kick at the can with trying to lose weight/get healthy. I have battled with weight my ENTIRE life. I had many successes at losing weight, only to fall back into old habits (or get pregnant..again), making my yo-yo dieting existence part of my DNA. No word of a lie, I have tried almost every diet/fitness trend out there including the reputable ones like Weight Watchers, Body for Life, Isagenix, and South Beach. All the way to the crazy/gimmicky ones like the sniffy pens that trick your hypothalamus (as an aside this product whose name escapes me now was offered up in the 90’s and promoted by Oprah, 3 different smelling pens that curbed hunger…I used up a months worth of babysitting money on that one…INSANE), Herbal Magic, Slimfast, and The Cabbage Soup Diet. Right down to the scary ones, like starving myself, taking laxatives, overusing ephedrine products, excessive exercise…it really is endless.

So as I sat in my doctor’s office trying to figure out what I was going to have to do to fix my ailments and get healthy, my doctor (who is a very no nonsense man) said to me point blank “Trisha how many calories do you think your body needs in order to lose weight?” I gave him my answer and he said “have you been eating that?”…sadly, even thought I had been eating right  (I had even recently gone gluten free after reading Wheat Belly), drinking lots of water and eating what I thought was the right amount…I was way off, and I knew it.

It was time to make a change. Click on the links below to read more about my journey.