Need some inspiration? It’s closer than you think.

In need of some inspiration? Some days we feel like we can conquer anything we put our mind to, and other days it takes everything we’ve got just to keep our heads above water.  When you’re in the middle of trying to lose weight or make healthy changes those tough days are the ones that can really test your resolve and push you to your limits, and it’s also those tough days when a little inspiration can go a long way. Sometimes inspiration can come from a famous athlete, or an Instagram personality, or even something you see on TV, but sometimes you can find inspiration from the people closest to you when you weren’t even looking for it.

My daughter Audrey has a very stubborn nature and if you tell her she can’t do something she will turn the world upside down trying to prove you wrong. While most of the time this can be extremely frustrating when managing the day-to-day, last Sunday I was remained of an important lesson, that when you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

After watching her older brother master his roller blades a couple of years ago (he is a hockey player so this came pretty easy for him) Audrey was determined to get an older pair of his roller blades on and learn how to skate on wheels. I was discouraging her because I really wasn’t sure she had the patience to learn, she can skate but roller blades are a whole different animal. She started slow and fumbled around and I was sure she would get discouraged and give up, then she took a few good wipe outs and after wiping the tears and putting some band aids on her newly scraped legs, I was sure those roller blades were coming off.  I was wrong.  She turned the garage over looking for old hockey equipment to put on to save her knees and elbows and hands. When she was ready for battle she started practicing again, and was doing really well, until she took too much speed going down the driveway and actually caught air and fell, hard, on her hip/side. I was sure that was going to be it, at least for the day. I was wrong again.

Now I will admit, I’m not one to coddle my kids, when you have three, you get pretty good at being able to decipher which falls/cuts/scrapes are being blown out of proportion and which need actual attention. But when I saw her take the fall down the driveway and catch flight I knew that must have hurt. I almost wanted her to take the blades off, and told her maybe to take a break.  She looked square at me and said, “Mom, I’ve spent too much time practicing to give up now”. Wow…I was in awe of her, BOOM…right there, inspiration where I had not been looking for it.

I told her to go for it, (maybe just side step down the driveway until she felt more comfortable with going down full tilt).

She spent hours on those roller blades on Sunday…then again on Monday and by Tuesday she was going around the neighbourhood on her blades while we rode our bikes. That unwillingness to let fear stop her, and to keep going when she was a little bruised and shaken, made me so proud of her.  I was inspired by her tenacity and perseverance to master this new skill and her “can do” spirit. I thought it was a good lesson to start the week with, as I myself have been feeling a little beat up by my own training for my upcoming triathlons.

So I started Monday with her “no quitting” mantra in my mind, and started to tackle the day knowing that inspiration can come from anywhere, but sometimes when you least expect it, you can find it from the most wonderful of places, like your children.

Be well everyone.