It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

This is such a great saying, and its so true. We often have to go through the struggle of losing weight, or getting healthy by ourselves and while we might have support along the way it is often the small struggles or battles that we face alone daily that make the journey so tough.  There will be no applause when we decide to pass on the desert and just have a coffee, or when we push out that last rep at the gym (even though it was really hard), or when we run just a little further than we did yesterday.

All the daily struggles we face when making big life changes add up to big successes eventually, we just have to be willing to give it time to see the results.

Nothing can be more challenging than facing a long weekend full of busy events, family time, BBQ’s, eating out, drinking, and trying to stay on track. One of the best things you can do is plan out your weekend of eating, and activities so you can anticipate where you will need to have a bit more resolve to stick with your healthy diet plan, or have alternatives available so you don’t fall off your plan. Also just because you are going to be busy, don’t forget about your workout routine, shoehorn it in or do body weight exercises/or go for a brisk walk or run if you will be travelling. Ask anyone who exercises regularly and they will be the first to admit that they feel awful after not moving for a couple of days, so get out there and do something to get your heart rate up or break some sort of sweat. That light beer will taste better later on when you know that at least you did something to be active.

If you are in situations with little control over food choices, do what you can to stay on track. Try burgers with lettuce buns, or half the bun, load up on grilled veggies and salads with oil and vinegar, stay away from any kind of salad with made with mayonnaise, eat lots of fresh fruit, skip the appetizers (except the veggie tray…there is always a veggie tray = lifesaver) and keep your calories for your meal. Choose lighter aperitif’s like vodka soda’s with lemon, light beer/low carb beer or sugar reduced wines. It’s so easy to lose track of calories when you drink them that before you know it you have had two or three drinks and drank half your suggested calorie intake for the day. Skip the frappacino’s, mochacino’s, iced cappacino’s….these drinks are nothing but sugar and do NOTHING for you.  Best you can do, ask for coffee over ice with a splash of milk/light cream/almond milk or coconut milk.

No one said it was going to be easy to get healthy, lose weight or reach fitness goals, but ask anyone who has come out the other side and survived long weekends without ruining their healthy living plans, and they will tell you it can be done, and it’s TOTALLY worth it.

Have a great long weekend everyone…stay safe and stay on track!

Be well everyone.