Never give up, never quit – get up and try again.


This quote jumped out at me because it’s the air bubble I imagine floating above my head as I keep falling off my new road bike (I bought for my triathlons) in front of my house, more importantly,  in front of my neighbours houses on the court where I live. I have been tirelessly trying to practice clipping in and out of my road bike pedals only to fall mercilessly to the ground because I can’t unclip in time to catch myself. I am bruised, a bit battered and scrapped up and unlike the childhood freedom I first felt from cycling again (with my mountain bike), I now feel the childhood frustration of being unable to master what should be (so I’m told) a fairly easy task. I have had the pedal tension adjusted and the cleats (clip in part of the shoe) tightened, I have practiced in between doorways in the house and on the grass…but I still find myself crashing to the ground…like a tree.

All of the struggles I am having with trying to learn this new skill remind me that changing your life and making the decision to eat healthy and exercise is EXACTLY like trying to ride a bike with clip in shoes….your going to struggle, you are going to fall down and you are going to think of quitting but if you keep trying and you don’t give up, you will do it (at least that’s what I keep telling myself). I struggled with my weight for so many years, going up and down, never really mastering the partnership between diet and exercise. If I counted all the times I successfully lost weight only to gain it back it, it would easily be between 5-7 times…until four years ago when I finally made that magic connection between food/fuel/exercise/and healthy living. So in comparison I am hoping if I keep trying to ride using clip in shoes, it will become like second nature, something I don’t even have to give much thought to, something that comes naturally, the way healthy living does now.

It might take someone 5 tries, 10 tries or 20 tries to lose weight or get healthy and maintain that lifestyle, but it can be done and it will be worth every second of the struggle. Quitting would be easier, going back to eating poorly and not moving (or back to simple pedals) would seem less daunting, but I’m not going to give up and I hope you won’t either. If you fall off your plan, get up, dust yourself off, (in my case maybe grab a band aid…or two) get back on and try, try again. It will happen.

Be well everyone! (and if you have any riding advice for clip in shoes I would love to hear from you!)