In a Pinch Pt. 5 – Spring is here! Get outside for those anytime/anywhere exercises!

The nice weather is here so take those exercises outside! Local park, backyard, school…wherever! Just get moving no matter how little time you have and you will feel so much better!


Perform each circuit 4 times or as many rounds of the circuits you can in the time you have i.e. 30 minutes. Minimal rest in-between exercises and 1 minute rest between rounds.

60 Switch Jumps (use stair, bench, or nothing…just make them count)

20-30 Sumo Squats 

20 Lunges with a Twist (10 each side)

20 Long Jumps (10 each side)

30 -60 seconds Swimmers – using arms or not 

30 – 40 Cross Knee Crunches (15 -20 each side)

30 -40 Knee to Elbow Moutain Climbers

30  Plank Raises

30- 60 Second Elbow Plank Hold