First Product Review – BEAUTY COUNTER

When my cousin Jenny asked me to sample some products from Beauty Counter (for which she is a Director in Western Canada), I was somewhat skeptical because like most people, I have my favourite products I love and I am usually hesitant to try anything new. Then it dawned on me, opportunities like this are EXACTLY why I started this blog – to offer tips to others looking to live healthier lifestyles and if you are familiar with Beauty Counter, that is exactly what they are all about (click on the link to read Beauty Counter’s Mission Statement, Story and Company Values) (from their pamphlet) “OUR MISSION IS TO GET SAFER PRODUCTS INTO THE HANDS OF EVERYONE”. So I figured why not give a couple products a try and capture it for you to share with me.

Now I think it’s important to note I am not a sales consultant for Beauty Counter, I am not receiving any promotional fees (other than the samples which were provided) to promote or advertise these products, and should someone be interested in purchasing beauty counter products in the future – I will not be receiving any portion of the sale. This is strictly a fun exercise in “try before you buy”.

There were quite a few small sample sizes of numerous products to try to I thought it best to use a couple and see how I liked them. Too many products at once would make it hard to tell which ones I actually liked or benefited from. I started with the Balancing Face Mask, along with the Peppermint Lip Balm. I followed it up with the Rejuvenating Night Cream and Rejuvenating Eye Cream.

I absolutely loved the mask and night cream. My face felt fantastic with both of these products, super soft and (it might sound cheesy), but radiant. The results with the mask and face cream were immediate so I liked that I could see the effects the products were having on my skin right away and that I went to bed with my face feeling so fresh and clean. The eye cream was ok, however I am aware that the benefits of an eye cream might take longer to notice and it really is the ingredients and safety of the products that might draw a person to purchase them. I will admit I did not enjoy the lip balm that much. It smelled wonderful but ended up needing to be re-applied in order for my lips to feel soft and once it had worn off, they almost felt chapped.

I would absolutely purchase the mask and try the night cream as part of my evening regimen, they were both big wins for me. I encourage you to check these products out at, and find out more about how they might be best incorporated into your skin care routine.

If you are interested in finding out more about these products or Beauty Counter please feel free to contact Jenny Hubbard at in Canada, or  in the US.

Hope you will keep watching for my next Product Review coming soon!