It is NOT a diet…it IS a lifestyle change!

Dieting IS awful, that’s why when you are setting weight loss or fitness goals your really need to look at it as making life changes, that are permanently going to be part of your new way of living.  This way when you need or want to indulge, or it just happens, it wont be so hard to pick up your healthy habits again because they will be the “norm” not the other way around.

It’s the start of another week and maybe your coming back from being away for March Break or perhaps you just did some fun stuff with the family, or it might just be another Monday for you and you’re trying to start fresh after a weekend of eating poorly or having a few drinks. Whatever the case, it’s getting back to basics that will save your routine and get you back on track. Those little things, the habits and choices we make throughout the day that will keep us motivated to continue trying to fight the good fight and realize that a bad weekend doesn’t have to turn into a bad week, or a bad month and so on.

Habits to remember like:

  • Drinking enough water
  • Cutting out or cutting back on sugar and sugar substitutes
  • Getting enough good protein
  • Listening to your body, and eating until your full, not until your plate is empty
  • Packing lunches and eating at home
  • Opting for good snacks that will sustain us like apples with peanut butter, humus and veggies, boiled egg with cucumbers, or some almonds with berries, are all good choices that should get through to meal time.
  • Getting moving, whatever you can handle, a short walk, some yoga or stretching , a light jog, short bike ride, or exercising at home (see In a Pinch workouts on my blog page for some ideas), are all ways you can get back into the swing of things if hitting the gym seems a bit daunting to start the week.
  • Making sure you get a good nights sleep. That is the beauty of PVR/on Demand…watch it later your mind and body will thank you.

Remember are only human and we’re not perfect, everyday is a another opportunity to make healthy  decisions and continue with our fitness or weight loss goals. It’s a process and it works if you are consistent. One day, one week, it won’t matter, you need to make the changes for the long run so you can get back up and continue on the journey to healthy living. Be well everyone.