In a Pinch Pt 2…Exercises you can do anytime/anywhere.

Here is another instalment of an interval circuit you can use to supplement your workout when you need to get your heart rate up and your squeezed for time or can’t get to the gym. Happy moving!



Perform  each circuit 4 times or as many rounds of the circuits you can in the time you have i.e. 30 minutes. Minimal rest in-between exercises and 1 minute rest between rounds.


50 Fast High Knees Jumping 

30 Russian Sets Ups (15 – 20 each leg, don’t alternate, leave foot on the bench/box)

30 Split Squats (15 – 20 each leg, don’t alternate)

50 – 60  Butt Kicks

10 Push Up Crawl Out’s 

30 Second Push Up Plank Hold 

20 Push Press (use weights, water bottles, or nothing)

30 Sit Up Cross Punches 

50 – 60 Flutter Kicks