Begin it….begin it now!

“Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

I first read this quote around the time I started to change my life. It was on a page in a fitness magazine and it jumped from the page like it had been put there just for me. I actually carried around this page in my workout journal for years (see the fold), and when I was faltering, or having a bad day I would take it out and read it over to reset my frame of mind.  It got to where it and it became my mantra…just begin it. Just begin my day, just begin getting the kids ready to come with me to the gm, just begin my healthy frame of mind and attitude, just begin my workout – especially when I really didn’t feel like it, just begin it….everything will be ok. 

At first when I started my journey I had no idea if I would be successful or if I would fail…again. I wanted to succeed, I wanted to succeed so badly. I was so tired of yo-yo dieting, I was so tired of going through 4 different sizes of clothing but never getting rid of the old bigger clothes “just in case”, I was so over feeling like the extra weight was holding me back from doing things I knew in my heart I wanted to do. Begining ANOTHER weight loss attempt seemed almost futile, but for some reason, I started anyway. I began it, and this time I didn’t look back, only forward. The mantra playing in my heat, I could do this, I could overcome my struggle with “dieting”…I could change my life.

It does take boldness and magic to believe that you can do something and then do it. It takes heart and courage to begin a journey that you believe you can do without knowing the outcome. Losing weight and beginning the process of changing your life is scary and its hard. Its even harder to pick yourself up after a bad day and not let it define you or your worth. But when you finally set your mind to begin something and know that failure is NOT an option, that boldness and power Johann Wolfgang von Goethe referes to takes over and you become unstoppable.

I still refer to this quote, four years later as I apply it to something as equally scary as trying to lose weight…hosting a website and blog. Putting myself out there…telling the story of how I changed my life and how losing weight has changed me, in hopes of helping others believe they can do the same. For better or for worse I decided to just begin it….and when your ready, you will too.